Groupe GTI



GTI Group, excellence in execution

  • The Group, which is fully owned by the management, is independent of any banking or insurance group. It can work with large groups such as Alstom, Ford or CMA-CGM as well as small and medium-sized companies seeking innovative and secure financing solutions.

  • GTI AM, the Group's management company, was initially created with major institutional investors such as Fannie Mae, Crédit Foncier, UAP-AGF and Bayerische Vereinsbank. Since 2000, the Group has been owned by its managers and is totally independent of any banking or insurance group.

  • GTI AM offers innovative and tailor-made financing solutions to its clients, which include SMEs, national and international companies, Fintechs and financial institutions. As a pioneer in securitisation, we are constantly adapting to offer the most appropriate financing solutions for our clients' specific needs. Our know-how combined with our human and technical resources allows us to target the needs of our clients, regardless of their size, structure or sector of activity.


CREDATECH assists its clients, fund custodians, with their regulatory obligations.

This company was created in 2004 following the purchase of a software package for amicable and contentious debt collection, capable of meeting the needs of companies in all economic sectors.
CREDATECH then developed new tools that meet the regulatory constraints of its clients, custodians and management companies:

  • Automated controls of portfolios of receivables (“ACCR” Assistance for Custodians in Controlling their Receivables): receivables portfolio controls service, able to compare stocks and flows of thousand lines of loans.

  • Verification of the existence of receivables (“AVS” Asset Verification Services): a service which helps the Custodian to meet his obligations imposed by the AMF. The AMF imposes that the Custodian verifies the existence of the receivables in his custody.