Groupe GTI


GTI AM offers its clients a one-stop shop

Arrangement :
  • Deal design

  • Historical analysis of claims

  • Definition of the securities to be issued

  • Selection of the vehicle (OF, OFS, FPS, etc...)

  • Pre-selection of investors

  • Modelling of the transaction

  • Structuring : drafting of contracts

  • Coordination between participants

  • Supervision of investor documentation

  • Legal implementation with counsel

  • Placing funds or securities with investors

  • Monitoring of investments

  • Investor relations

Management over time :
  • Administrative and accounting management of funds

  • Ongoing monitoring of receivables

  • Cash Flow distribution

  • Reporting (regulatory, to investors, etc.)

  • Thanks to its experience, Groupe GTI can provide advice on asset-backed financing.

  • By arranging a transaction, Groupe GTI assists its clients in defining the optimal solution : optimization of ratios, financing method, deconsolidation issues, etc.